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Cardio Workout: Rowing, Elliptical, And Running

Today's workout from our Bikini Body Countdown will definitely help you recover max workouts from yesterday's Tabata sweat session . To keep things interesting, and to challenge your body in new ways, we've created a cardio plan that keeps you moving for a solid 45 minutes using three different machines. It's a boredom-busting, fat-burning, triple-threat cardio workout using the rowing machine, elliptical, and the treadmill. Don't know much about the rowing machine? Don't sweat it! Watch this video demonstration full workout of tips on using this machine. Time Treadmill Set incline to 5.0 and speed to 3.5 mph. If you don't like to run, skip the treadmill and hop on a bike instead. Don't have access to a gym with all these machines?
More http://www.fitsugar.com/Cardio-Workout-Rowing-Elliptical-Running-34635340

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