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The Master Cleanse Diet: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

The Master Cleanser But critics point workouts out that you should be careful you arent also losing essential muscle since you do not eat protein, fat, and other essential nutrients and minerals while on the diet. Should You Try It? The medical community does not endorse this diet, but most doctors seem to agree that a juice fast or detox can be done for a few days without serious harm. Since the Master Cleanse is 10 days, it falls on the higher side of what many scientists and doctors think is safe. Burroughs said you can follow the regimen for up workouts to 40 days, but almost all nutritionists and doctor recommend against it. Glickman recommends the Master Cleanse for people who are transitioning to a new diet or lifestyle. For example, some people use it to "reset" their taste buds before starting a raw more.. food diet.
Read more: http://www.heavy.com/health/2014/03/master-cleanse-lemonade-diet-facts/

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