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Fitness | Customized Workouts Have Regular Joes Sweatin' Like The Pros

I am very happy and get compliments about the shape I am in, especially for someone 62. He is training me to have a high quality of life." The 6-foot-1 Delaney weighs about 195 pounds. That is similar to what he weighed when he retired, but he claims he is a lot stronger. Gough first started out in a small gym in Lakewood Ranch in 2001. Now he has a facility on Main Street in Lakewood Ranch and uses Premier Sports Campus in Lakewood Ranch for outdoor work. He still primarily works with pro or college athletes and is training 11 players for this year's NFL Combine. The group includes former Palmetto receiver Damian Copeland, who recently finished his career at Louisville. "When I first started out, it clicking here was just for getting professional athletes prepared for what they do. But I found a lot of people are looking for something similar," Gough said.
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