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Fitness Center Delay To Be 'worth The Wait'

Fitness center delay Col. Bradley Johnson, commander of 52nd CES. "Our job [as the civil engineer squadron] is to ensure that the contractor delivers what the government, and indirectly what the taxpayer, has paid for is not a substandard facility," Johnson said. "At this time, the contractor needs more time to deliver a finished product." Members of the United States Army Corps of Engineers and 52nd CES, along with other to learn more key personnel, have discussed what must be completed to take ownership of the facility, and they will continue to inspect the contractor's work until standards are met. Many of the inspection discrepancies are finishing issues, such as clicking here incorrect flooring, warped glass walls and cleanliness, Johnson said. While many of these issues seem individually insignificant, there is a potential risk for damage if and when the government takes occupancy of the facility. Those issues could potentially cost the U.S.
Full story: http://www.spangdahlem.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123371284

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